Once, There Was Only”Kamil Koç” in Transport Services

Kamil Koç, born in 1902 at Pazaryeri, had enteredinto transport business in 1923 by carrying loadswith his water buffalo-cart between Pazarc›k andBursa. He had obtained a driving licence in 1926and begun to carry passengers between Bursa-Karaköytrain stations. He continued his transport businesswith 3 cars belonging to him during 1928.Koç, started the first intercity passenger transportationof Turkey in 1933 between Bursa-Ankara with5 new cars of home produced cab Chevrolet, Dodge,and Overland. He began passenger transportingbetween Bursa-‹stanbul by purchasing 4 Mercedes-Benz buses. Today, with a giant fleet comprised of300 buses, 150 terminals, and 3000 employees,Koç became one of the leading companies of thesector and is serving more than 4.500.000 passengersannually.