The Brand ExpandingAcross the World from Bursa:Uludağ Sodapop

Bursa is an exuberant city giving birth to worldwidebrands. The soda of Uluda¤ is a brand, of whichErbak family has presented to world markets fromBursa. Uluda¤ sodapop and its creator Nuri Erbakare recognized as legends in history of sodapop.The father of Nuri Erbak, Mehmet Hakk› Erbak,had decided to open the first sodapop workshop in1930 with Mustafa Naci bey of Bursa and had boughttwo sodapop machines from Sami Kohen workingin ‹stanbul and opened the first sodapop workshopin Setbafl›.Mehmet Erbak, one of the oldest mineral water producersof our country, was producing the Uluda¤Mineral Water since long time ago. Talat Pasha andFuat Bey, relating to the palace family first bottledthe first mineral water, Keflifl da¤› Mineral Waterwith a French investor, according to those day’sconditions with a french partner and presented tosale.The brand name of first soda of Erbaks’ was Nilüfer.The first sodapop was produced under thebrand name of Nilüfer. In 1931, name of Keflifl Mountainwas replaced with Uluda¤ and ManagementLicence was given to Uluda¤ Mineral Waters by president Atatürk himself. In 1932, son of MehmetHakk› Bey, Nuri Erbak, had founded the originalformula of Uluda¤ sodapop and presented it to themarket under trademark of Uluda¤. The first colaand orange sodas were produced in Turkey underthe trademark of Nur Cola and Frutti Company. In1966, Prot bottling machine with 6000 bottles/hr.capacity was imported from ‹taly and the first productionwith original Uluda¤ bottles was realized.The products were produced with franchising systemin Netherlands and Germany and began to bemarketed throughout the entire Europe.