The Brand that Introduced Turkish Towels to World: Özdilek

Özdilek, founded in Bursa in 1971, is the largestcorporation of towel sector in Turkey with its featuressuch as: a production volume of 9000 tons, 3860personnel, 37 million USD export volume, 150 million USD gross profit. If we take a look at the worldmarket, we can see that Özdilek is one of the tenlargest towel producers in the world.Özdilek is the biggest producer of towels and bathrobesand also is one of the fastest growing retailersof the country with its 60.000 m≈ area, 9 shoppingcentres, and 3860 employees. When it was foundedin 1971, it had only 5 personnel and 2 Bursa-made weaving machines and a production volumeof 10 tons. Today Özdilek has 9000 tons of productionvolume with its modern integrated facilitiesand produces the 18% of Turkish towel output.Besides that success, with its export income worthmore than 37 million dollars and its bathrobes andtowels being exported to more than 20 countries(especially USA), it has become a worldwidebrand.