The Unrivalled Brand inChestnut: Kafkas

Kafkas Patisseries illustrious from America to Europe,are today continuing their production in theirmodern facilities covering 6.500 m2 area. The founderof the company, Ali fiakir Tatveren, was born inBitola (Manast›r), Yugoslavia. He has carried thecandy business he learnt from his father, to Bursa.Today, headed by the third generation, Kafkas isamong the most famous 200 brands of Turkey. Kafkashas a capacity of processing above 3.000 tonraw chesnut annually and it exports 5% of its totalproduction. In 2003, Kafkas products has been soldin one of the world’s most largest supermarket chains,Le Clerc. Kafkas is exporting its products tocountries such as; especially France, USA, Germany,Austria, Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Japan.Kafkas jams are being marketed in ethnic storesof USA for years. Kafkas has 12 stores in Bursaand more than 90 sales points throughout entireTurkey.