Activities and FestivalsCultural Organizations

International Cultural Organizations are successfullyhosted at Bursa and they contribute significantlyto Bursa becoming a city renowned worldwide.Along with “45th International Bursa Festival”where number of spectators was at a record leveland “20th International Golden Karagöz Folk DancesCompetition” which gathered together the culturesof various nations on the same stage also thefirst Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival in2006, in which 45 movies from 17 countries areshown has been discussed in detail worth mentioningas significant organizations of this year. In addition,galleries at Bursa where activities like “InternationalChildren and Youth Theaters Festival”,“European Film Festival”, “International CemalNadir Caricature Competition” and “InternationalShadow Play Festival”, “Bursa Literature Days”and “Bursa International Symposium of SufismCulture” being presented to viewers’ pleasure to seethe works of many artists.