An Art Activity Became ClassicalBursa Festival

The arrangement of Ya¤c›lar P›nar› Mevkii, whichwas known for its natural beauty and solitude, as apark area was the begining of the foundation ofBursa Festival and since 1963 it has been organizedwith the name of Bursa Festival. The festival achievedtoday’s status with a decision made in 1982.This decision was envisaging the Bursa Festival toturn into a festival of culture. Until then, the festi-FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 134vals taken place at the stadium, were began to beorganized in the newly opened Open-Air Theatre ofKültürpark. The festival reached a true character ofan art and culture program only after 1989 and sincethen activities such as opera, balet, music, jazz,and theatre had been included in the festival. After1994, these activities were distributed throughoutthe year and began to be celebrated seperately as;Theatre, European Film Festival, Cinema Days,Puppet and Shadow Play, Liberation Festivities,Days of Conquest, Photography Days, and LiteratureDays. Tayyare Culture Center was opened at thistime and became a significant culture centre. BursaFestival, celebrated for 45 years, was known as oneof the most prestigious folk dances and ethnic musicfestivals of the world.