Bursa, due to its rich and deep historical identity, isa library-rich city. Just beside the Provincial PublicLibrary at ‹pekçilik street, Library of Bursa MetropolitanMunicipality, opened in 1998, continues toserve public.In ‹nebey Manuscripts and Old Printed Books Library,where books belonging to Ottoman periodwritten in Ottoman language are preserved, 25.665books are kept.Some of the other libraries in Bursa are as follows:Çekirge Children’s Library, Hürriyet Public andChildren’s Library, Nilüfer Public Library, MehmetAli Deniz Public Library, Mehmet Ali Deniz CultureFoundation Bursa Research Library, Halil BediiYönetken Musical Library, and Uluda¤ UniversityCentral Library.Bursa Provincial Public Library served 70.499 readerswith 52563 books in 2002. The City Library ofBursa Metropolitan Municipality located at the centreof the city, is continuing to serve its readers byreflecting a modern functionality and organizing regularart activities with its theatre and exhibitionhalls, children’s reading halls, and conference hall.In the city center, at the institute belonging to Ministryof Culture and Tourism, there are 15 librariesin total; 4 children’s libraries,13 district libraries(2 of them in central district).