Museum of the 17thCentury Ottoman House

Museum of the 17thCentury Ottoman HouseIt is assumed that in place of wooden house situatedin front of the Külliye of Murad II in Muradiyedistrict, a mansion of Sultan Murat II was present.Today’s house bears the style of the 17th century interms of house plan and adornments and it is one ofthe oldest and most beautiful houses remained today. The lower floor roofs have low ceilings andused in winter within the plan of the house, consistedof two rooms and a sofa opening into a garden.On the upper floor, the room named as “MainChamber”, reflects the beautiful and characteristicfeatures of the 17th century with its marvellouswooden cabinet adorned with exquisite plant andflower figures, geometrically decorated hexagonalceiling, and the hexagonal ceiling center-piece.