MuseumsBursa City Museum

The City Library of Bursa, opened to visitors onFebruary 14, 2004, in a city which has been the leadingcity in formation and development of Anatolianand Ottoman Culture, reflects all this gloriousrichness of history and culture to the visitor citizensand tourists and enables them to learn this diversityby seeing with their own eyes and even makes themfeel the entire glory.In City Library; the information and documentsconcerning the historical, geographical, cultural,social, economic, commercial, and touristic featuresof Bursa, are introduced by visual presentations,objects, and animations.In the “Historical Artisan Street” situated at the basementof the museum, the traditional trade wayand style of Bursa are presented with original sceneriesand animations.At the ground floor, the historical development ofthe city and at the first floor the values and themesof Bursa are told. City Library of Bursa is locatedbehind the Atatürk statue situated just at the centreof the city.