Theatre in the Midst of Bursa

The first theatre outside Istanbul was founded inBursa by Ahmet Vefik Pafla and opened its curtainsin 1880. After Ahmet Vefik Pafla had retired fromgovernorship, Theatre of Bursa suspended its activitiesfor a long time. For a period of time, the theatricalacitivities in Bursa were continued at TayyareCinema built by THK in 1932 and in the followingyears, they were realized at today’s AhmetVefik Pafla State Theatre built as a Public House in1938. Following the closure of State Theatres andPublic Houses in 1952, it was reopened as AhmetVefik Pafla State Theatre in 1957. It includes a greathall of 492 people capacity and a little hall namedRoom Theatre. Besides AVP State Theatre,the private theatres and Municipal Theatres arecontinuing their acitivities as well.