Birth Customs

The cord of new-born baby is cutand washed in salty water and its eyes are covered.They used to clean the women after birth beforeleave her to rest in bed. The mother was staying inbed for 40 days. Her mother would stay next to herand look after her. The visitors are offered “sherbet”.After 7 days, whole neighborhood are invitedto house and the Mevlit named “sherbet” would bechanted.They were giving the child’s name with a ceremonyas well. When they were 40 days old, the babieswere being cleaned and taken to far away excursions.In order to make the child live long, the host ofthe house he was brought to, for “celebrating itsfirst 40 days”, was giving the child an egg. In orderto protect the child from jealousy of other people(nazar), they were praying special prayers “on 40black cumins” and they were hanging these prayerson the baby’s shoulder.