Dishes of Bursa Cuisine Culture

Because its climate and geography are convenientfor agriculture, every kind of vegetable and fruitcan be found in Bursa. Due to these positive factors,the cuisine culture of Bursa flourished well.Bursa has 5 dishes well known beyond its borders:‹skender kebap, ‹negöl meatballs, Kemalpasha desert,Mihaliç cheese, and candied chestnuts. Besides,there are historical dishes with their recipes inthe books:

Soups: tarhana çorbas›, O¤maç soup with milk, O¤-maç soup with green lentil, wedding soup, fish soup,ekflili bafl çorbas›, Wild herbs; kaygana, wild leek,melki, bal›kotu etc.

Vegetables; Dried green bean dish, stuffed cabbagewith chestnuts (also with olive oil ), stuffed celery,celery chopped eggplant (patl›can silkmesi).Dishes with meat; Yörük kebab›, keflkek, stew madefrom wild animals, ekflili meatballs, ‹negöl meatballs,ci¤er sarmas›, stuffed mumbar, pide kebab›,flipit.

Pastry; mant› (Turkish ravioli) (plain, with chickpea,and with meat) lokum with walnuts, kuru yufkapatty, corn patty, dough okra, asude, leek patty, d›zmana.In special days; weddings, celebrations: keflkek,stuffed eggs, potato meatballs, stuffed oliveleaves.

Deserts; cennet köflkü, dilber duda¤›, baklava withwalnuts, cheese desert, stuffed figs, zerde.Bulgarian immigrants mostly eat: meatballs, lentil,kumpir, momelega, kaçamak made from corn flour.Albanians and Bosnians mostly make pastry. EspeciallyAlbanians, make patty in 3-4 days of the week.They also have special dishes like Filiye, miflöriz.