Funeral Customs

They used to place a knife on adead person in order to prevent its belly swell andtie up the jaw of him. The thumbs of the person werebeing tied by a rag. The dead person was first beingcleaned and was being placed into the coffinwithin a wrap called kefen. And the funeral prayerswere being invoked. After giving its “helall›k” thecoffin was being taken to cemetery and buried. Waterwas being poured from a pitcher onto the grave.Then the pitcher was being left on the grave. For sevendays, in the evening, “mukabele” (chanting inunison of Koranic passages by several religiousfunctionaries) prayer was prayed. After 7 nights rice,halva, and ayran (buttermilk) were being givento people.5 1 FROM PRUSA TO BURSA TRADITIONS OFBURSA