Traditional Handcrafts

Traditional HandcraftsIn Bursa that has a rich past in terms of traditionalhandcraft, silk garment and velvet weaving, towelmanufacturing,dye/paint manufacturing, knife-manufacturing,glassware-making, saddlery, tile-makingand ceramic manufacturing is considerably developed.The knives, which, in the past as well as today, havea special place among Bursa’s handicrafts, arestill famous even today. Handcrafted in traditionalways, there are about 150 different kinds of knivesto be used for different purposes in different places.Bursa is worldwide famous for its satin, silk, andvelvet products. While there were 40 silk producingfactories in Bursa in 1845, today sericulture decreasesdue to the decline in the number of mulberrytrees, silk worm’s main nutrition, and the consequentincrease in production cost.