Various Characteristic Features of Bursa

Traditional Clothes

Although these clothes areworn in rural regions, they are abandoned in city life.The traditional mens’ wear in Bursa were: çar›k,wool socks, potur or çak›fl›r, cepken, blouse, andkülah (a kind of hat).The mens’ clothes made from colorful fabrics are ornamentedwith embroidery. They used to wear potur,flalvar, çakfl›r in place of trousers and wear cepkenblouses on it. They used to wear manyfold girdlesand attach scabbards in-between. They used towear fez on their heads generally. Hats of hairclothwith a¤abani turban were being used as well. Theyused to wear çar›k, mest, Har Yemeni as shoes.Women used to wear two kinds of regional dresses:First one is “fialvar ‹çlik” consisted of; shoes,socks, flalvar, içlik, girdle, cepken, hat, and veil.FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 52The second one is named “flalvar-üç-etek” and hasadditional three skirts to the features of the firstdress. Women wear more accessories than men.They used to attach strung ornaments to their hats.In the old Bursa, womens’ clothes draw attention bytheir fabric and embroidery. The silks, bürümcüks,and velours woven in workshops of Bursa, werecharacterizing these outfits.