With the 1855 earthquake following the great firein 1801, Bursa had to become urbanized all overagain. These disasters, in a way, had created an environmentin Bursa that allowed modern urbanizationto be applied in Bursa and eased the choices tobe made by governors. We can say that modern cityadministration had been applied first in Bursa in allAnatolia.Ahmet Vefik Pasha had changed the cityscape inBursa that once modeled the conventional quarterpattern. He had spent considerable effort to planBursa so the quarters which once were independentof each other because of dead ends would becomeconnected. The fact that two thirds of the city wasdestroyed during the 1855 earthquake had madeVefik Pasha’s work to this end very much easier.Most important public improvement works had beenmade during this period in Bursa. Vefik Pashahad opened the first theater building and modernhospital in Bursa. The street that begins in front ofthe government office and extends towards Bal›kpazar›,Fire Brigade Garage and Alt›parmak direction, and Çekirge – Hamzabey – Kapl›cakap› – Zindankap›- Ifl›klar road had been made during the timeof Vefik Pasha.Mahmut Celalettin Pasha who had been Bursa Governorbetween the years 1889-1891 had attemptedto open a road between Government Offices and‹negol through the plains. This road was named Yeniyol(New Road), It is known that the road fromthe vegetable market hall of today and Acemler hadbeen built during the time of Celalettin Pasha. Hastane/ Tophane street had been built between the years1871-1878.Reflit Mümtaz Pasha who had been Bursa Governorbetween the years 1903 – 1906 had built Mecidiye /Maksem Street from Maksem through the plainsand its perpendicular Hamidiye / Cumhuriyet Streetfrom ‹tfaiye Square to Atpazar› Bath. Uluda¤ roadhad also been built by this governor. During theyear 1905, part of Hamidiye Street that extendedfrom Grain Market to Tatarlar had been completedand opened.