Local governments working towards establishment of”European Union”, first of the 12 fundamental principlesof European Council, are given this award in relationwith their interactions and relations with othercities with different languages, religions and races.This principle envisions nations blending togetherwith the cultures of other nations without shaking thefundamental structure of their own culture. EUROPEANAWARD with its criteria as determined by theEuropean Council, is given annually to one or moremunicipality or localg o v e r n m e n twho, in theeyes of theCommittee, hasdisplayed superioreffort towardspromotionof the conceptof EuropeanUnion, bythe City Planningand LocalGovernments Committee.Honor Plaque, second award after the EuropeanAward, is given to certain municipalities and local governmentswho have been awarded the honor flag beforehandand who have proven their worth to gain thishonor in their work to spread the concept of EuropeanUnion.European Council Honor Flag is given to certain municipalitiesand local governments who have, in theeyes of the committee, proven their worth to gain thishonor in their work to spread the concept of EuropeanUnion. These municipalities or governments are normallyselected among those who have been awardedEuropean Diploma beforehand. European Honor Flagaward is the prerequisite of being awarded a EuropeanAward or Honor Plaque afterwards.European diploma is awarded to those municipalitiesor local governments whose activities promoting theEuropean concept are appreciated but whose applicationsare just new for an honor flag.

The Path Taken By Bursato the AwardFirst herald of the “European City Award” was the”EURPOEAN COUNCIL HONOR FLAG” given toBursa on July 7, 1988.Owing to the measures aiming to acceptance, protectionand improvement of regional heritage and cultureof Bursa, and to the measures in planning, to activitiesin improvement of living conditions in rural areas,protection of environment and natural resources, creationof new employment areas and to the work thecity has been carrying out in international and especiallyunder the heading of “sibling cities” relations inlocal and regional issues, in the year 1991, EuropeanCouncil Parliamentary Assembly City Planning andLocal Governments Committee has given the EUROPEANCITIES AWARD certificate and Award Medallionto Bursa selected from among many cities.International relations have found a basis in cultureand art and cooperative works have developed inevery aspect. With the concept of European Council,brotherhood ties that have been based on friendship ofcities and equal rights for every individual and that havebeen produced only positive results have won Bursathe EUROPEAN AWARD. This much honoredaward had been given to Istanbul in 1959 and to Bursain 1991 and the city has maintained this privilegedstatus to this day. The city of Bursa had the honor ofbearing the title EUROPEAN CAPITAL for a singleyear and this itinerant award was passed to the municipalityof Delfzijl, Holland in 1992.Bursa has become a natural member of UNION OFCITIES WITH EUROPEAN AWARD and has beensending representatives to “Union General Assembly”and “Youth Assembly” held annually at a member state.Union Chairmanship is passed to another member stateat the General Assemblies held every other year. Inaddition, along with the Board of Director Meetingsheld at a different city each year, seminars with differentagendas and youth forums are organized. Bursahas hosted the 2002 General Assembly of Union ofCities with European Award. Subject of the seminarorganized under the general assembly was “Tourismand Security in the Historical Cities of Europe” andthe subject of the Youth Forum was “Education Opportunitiesand Employment Choices for EuropeanYouth”. During these organizations, important decreeshave been issued.