Modern Bursa

Bursa, one of the leading cities in the economicalstructure of Turkey, is one of the prominent cities indevelopment order and provides much added valueto the economy of nation. With its wide boulevardsand avenues, over 10 thousand streets, many parksand gardens, hundreds of school and hospital, thousandsof housing and offices, mosques, medresses,mausoleums, fountains, thermal springs, bazaarand inns that make up its historical heritage, tens ofcultural and sports facilities, BURSA-RAY publictransportation system, BUTT‹M (InternationalTextile Trade Center) and modern intercity bus stationand factories that surround the city, Bursa hasthe features of a country rather than a city.Development in Bursa continues in every possiblesubject without interruption. However, this fast developmentbrings along problems such as intenseurbanization, insufficient infrastructure, sewageand transportation. In order to provide solution toone of the most important urban problems, transportation,on August 19, 2002, a modern means oftransportation that has been awarded in Europe inthe area of public transportation in the year 2003,”Bursa-Ray” has been launched. Under crossingsare being built on main arterial road of Bursa. Nationaland International awards given to Bursa MetropolitanMunicipality further evidence that Bursais taking firm steps towards becoming a “moderncity”.