Steps Taken on the WayTo Planned Urbanization

Urban structure of Bursa has been shaped around”complexes had made around Mosques” by OttomanSultans. These complexes had been made allaround the city in an orderly manner, possibly accordingto a plan. Behind this, as much as allowingthose who live in the city to benefit from the existenceof these complexes in a fair manner, there liesthe goal to exalting the magnificence of theseartful constructions.We see that the first urban plans for Bursa appearduring the Republic era. Important changes had beenintroduced to the old plans of the city during thetime of Ahmet Vefik Pasha making use of the opportunityarose from 1855 earthquake. For instance,most of the dead end streets in Bursa had been openedto traffic during these activities. 93 immigrantshad been placed in carefully planned quarters. ‹ntizam,Rusçuk and Ç›rpan Quarters are the first plannedquarters in Bursa established in this era.First modern planning study in Bursa had been madeby Karl Lörcher in 1924. This plan had not beenimplemented for it was prepared with total disregardof the existing pattern on the 1912 map withthe influence of gardened housings. For this reason,Henry Prost who had been planning Istanbul at thattime had been employed to create a new plan andthus Prost plan had been prepared in 1940. Prostplan had aimed to make Bursa roads suitable formotor vehicle traffic and at the same time open theBursa Plains partially to settlement. Prost Plan wasallotting a portion over Gemlik Road to industry.Darmstad, Gazc›lar, Fomara and Atatürk Avenueshad been built in accordance with this plan.Great Bazaar Fire in the year 1958 has made it necessaryto plan the city all over again. With the advisoryof Italian Luigi Piccinato in 1960, “BursaOrganization Plan” had been established. PiccinatoPlan attempted to reestablish an axis at the edge ofthe plains on north in order to redirect the expansion of the city on east-west axis. It had been envisionedto let the City extend linearly over an axis passingthrough Ankara – Bursa – Mudanya road. Firstillegal buildings had appeared during these years.A new Organization Plan had been prepared in1976 including Demirtafl, Kestel, Gürsu, Görükle,Çal›, Kayapa, Hasana¤a and Akçalar Municipalities.In the 1976 Plan, while a 3 – 3.5 fold expansionwas predicted for Bursa as of the year 1980, it hadbeen aimed to protect the plains as much as possible.Indeed, during the year 1977, protected portionsof Bursa Plains had been established by preparationof “Plains Protection Protocol”. However, unfortunately,this protocol wasn’t able to prevent illegalconstructions and industrial organizations fromspreading into the plains.In accordance with the 1/25.000 scaled City PlanningSchedule drawn in 1976; Ankara-‹zmir roadhad been moved slightly to North and the new roadbecame the borderline for the northern expansion ofthe city.Bursa Province Year 2020 City Planning StrategySchedule for which the studies had begun in 1995in order to be able to shape the urban developmentof Bursa growing rapidly was approved in the year1998. The schedule, prepared with the participationof all authorized parties in the city, had been acceptedas the Constitution of Bursa. Aim of this scheduleis to determine the sector development goals,planning principles for Bursa in the view of creatinga sustainable, livable environment until the year2020 and while doing this, protecting the historicalidentity of Bursa in the process, and to ensurehealthy development and expansion of Bursa in accordancewith these principles.Strategy Schedule scaled 1/100.000 is one of thefirst examples of such schedules in Turkey and it isdeemed a model for healthy city planning. As of theyear 2005, studies for 1/25.000 scaled OrganizationPublic Improvement Plans in accordance with1/100.000 scaled City Planning Schedule are underway.