The Goals is to Create aHealthy City

Current goal of Bursa is to become a healthy cityand to accelerate healthy urbanization process.Physical, social, economical, environmental, culturaland political classes of the dwellers in cities arebecoming more and more important for the localgovernments each passing day.Quality of urbanization and city structure are basisfor human health and welfare. Many problems inBursa are associated with poverty, inequality, pollution,unemployment, inability to access work/goodsand services, transportation, weakening ofcommunity links, housing and lack of quality in otherareas. City planning has influence over social,economical and physical environment and functionalityof the cities. For this reason, Bursa MetropolitanMunicipality is exerting great effort withthe importance attached to city planning in order toimprove the health and life quality in the city byfinding solutions to problems that come with the urbanization.In this context, “Healthy Cities Project” that aims toprovide all citizens with food, housing, work, health,transport and safety; to improve living areas tothe highest possible quality; to provide a high qualitylife to everyone in line with sustainable developmentprinciples while taking steps towards establishinga modern and healthy city have the utmostimportance for Bursa.Especially with the implementation of Healthy CitiesProject and Local Agenda 21, the city, all localparticipants and partners have begun to work in coordination.With an understanding of governmentaiming to improve health level of Bursa and surroundingsfrom the tightest area to city scale to acceptablelevels and to provide a high quality livingstandard for everyone and most importantly embracesand protects its past and open to new things; allworks conducted in order to make Bursa a leading,prominent and example city in every aspects hasbecame more intense with the guidance and supportof World Health Organization and has carried Bursato IV. Term membership. In the same context, topromote and develop the “Healthy City” concept inTurkey, “Union of Healthy Cities of Turkey” hasbeen established under the leadership of Bursa andthus a new local government and urbanization viewhas been established.What is aimed for Bursa is a healthy, modern, sustainable,beautiful, greener city that better protectsits historical and traditional values. To this end,projects and programs that include health, social life,environment, tourism – culture – art, transportationand planning sectors and that aim to improvethe city health level in Bursa are being carried outby Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. With theseprojects, Bursa shall become a city where everyonewill be happy to live in.