Urbanization Period In Bursa

Bursa, being located between Asia and Europe, beinga bridge between the Western and Eastern civilizations,has always been among the cities rapidlydeveloping and becoming urbanized under the limelightas a trade community owing to it being onthe crossing of important roads; a city of historyowing to the fact that it is the first Capital of the OttomanEmpire; an industrial community for it beingthe center of automotive and textile industries; atourism city with its beaches 20 km away and wintersports; an agricultural community with its fertilelands; a city of art and beauty with its cultural advantages..The industrialization period Bursa has entered afterthe year 1960 for its location and potentials it holds,has significantly changed the urban development ofBursa.Fast industrialization, migration and population inflationhad brought various urban problems such aspollution, illegal buildings, unemployment, increasingcrime rate just like every other big city in theworld faces. Illegal buildings that had became seriouswith fast urbanization and industrializationhad becoming to threat Bursa Plains; unlicensedhousings and industrial sites have spread over theplains.With a campaign introduced in 90’s to fight theseproblems, important steps has been taken in issuessuch as potable water, sewerage, transportation,education, pollution, safety, health and employmentmaking use of local, national and international resources, and many projects have been implementedfor transformation and health. New parks,buildings, cultural centers, environmental investmentsand urban planning activities has been madein order to be able to answer the increasing needsand demands of civil community organizations, privatesector, university and citizens. And at last, inthe year 2000, Bursa has entered a new era of changesin developing urbanization process.