“Bursa: A Brand Name City”

When entering the Republican period, Bursa had adeveloped cultural and economic life that far outweighedthat of many cities in Anatolia. Only secondto Istanbul, a theater was opened; a newspapernamed “Hüdavendigar” began to be published andin 1904, the first museum was established in Bursa.Again only second to Istanbul, the first movie wasshown in Bursa.Despite constant earthquake disasters, Bursa becameshortly one of the developed provinces, thanksto its economic and geographical location and itscentral position within the network of communications.Industry was rapidly developed and seriousprogress was achieved particularly in the automotivesector. Bursa that hosts international events andfestivals and has an important position in the fieldof tourism continues to change by living its traditionalculture. Particularly with the initiatives launchedtowards development as from 2002, it has beenachieving progress in all fields and with its “Bursa:Brand Name City” vision, assumes a leading positionamong the provinces in becoming the locomotiveof Turkey, after Istanbul and Izmir.