Bursa is preparing for the 21st century with all itsNGOs. Democratic mass organizations are beginningto take part in city administration. There werea lot of foundations and societies have been foundedin order to preserve the natural and cultural soulof Bursa. There are a lot of foundations and societieswhich are active in protection of environmentand natural beauties of Bursa. GÜMÇED andTEMA Foundation, are the most sensitive NGOs ofBursa. Many foundations and societies such as;Bursa Research Foundation, Avrasian EthnographiaFoundation are exhorting efforts in order to preservethe natural and cultural richness of Bursa. Especially,Bursa Society of Old Monuments, is a powerfulsociety taking initiatives which has rehabilitated136 historical monuments in ruins.Civil initiatives named Yerel Gündem 21 (LocalAgenda 21), are trying to make the citizens takepart in local administrations through HABITATmeetings and local organizations being formed inevery part of the world. Bursa is one of the cities inwhich local civil initiatives most actively take partin local administration. In our country, the most activeand large member of Local Agenda 21 is Bursa.The function of City Council in which massNGO’s and citizens are taking part, can be an evidentproof of that reality. The democratic mass organizationsin Bursa are controlling and influencinglocal administrations. Bar of Bursa and Chamber ofChemical Engineers appear as the leading activistorganizations against many environmental issues.Geology and Civil Engineering Chambers are alsoleading the city in terms of earthquake. Culture andArt Foundation of Bursa seems to assume the culturalactivities of the city. Syndicates of labour andgovernment officials are continuing to exist as powerfulorganizations having tens of thousands ofmembers. Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry(BTSO) and BUSIAD, which includes businessmanand industrialists of Bursa, are heavily influencingthe industrialisation profile of the city.TMMOB, is not just presenting suggestions pertainingto the city, but by frequently warning the administrators,making substantial contributions tothe overall development of Bursa.