Health Above All

Darüflflifa, built by Y›ld›r›m Bayezid in Bursa in1390, was the first health institution in OttomanState. In the related documents Darüflflifa is mentionedas T›marhane (Mental hospital) as well. Becausethis hospital was serving the mentally ill patients,too.After the collapse of Darüflflifa in 1855 earthquake,the famous statesman Ahmet Vefik Pafla came toBursa as an investigator and in 1862 the Mansion ofDamat Efendi at Hisar district was converted into ahospital to serve not only to Bursa but the entire region.When Guraba Hospital began to be inadequate,the new hospital building which today is still inuse, was opened during period of Haflim ‹flcan(1951).The minorities had their own hospitals in Bursa aswell. The hospital of the Greeks was a place consistedof 8 rooms in Bal›bey Inn next to K›rkmerdiven.In place of today’s Setbafl› Primary School, therewas an Armenian Hospital next to Bo¤osyan ArmenianSchool. In 1739, an hospital which was namedSir Dufleile and belonging to French sisters, wasbuilt near Hocaalizade Primary School.