WHAT IS LOCAL AGENDA 21?Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Local Agenda 21 is a platformfor improving democracy where projects based on participationand partnership are implemented in order to betterenvironment and life quality in the line of primary problemsof the city.

HOW DOES BURSA LOCAL AGENDA 21 WORK?Local Agenda 21 works are being carried out in the understandingof participation and partnership with centraladministration, local administration, civil public organizations,public institutions and organizations, professionalchambers, universities and volunteer citizens under thesupervision of Local Agenda 21 Branch Directorate underLocal Agenda 21 General Secretary and Bursa MetropolitanMunicipality.

PLATFORMSThese are organizations where different groups living in thecity are represented, agenda items are discussed andresolved and where participants have their voices.

City Council: to improve democratic participation, developthe understanding of citizenship and adopt a multi partneradministrative system on local level by allowing discussionof problems in the city agenda by those who experience theproblem first hand,

Women’s Assembly: By reaching all organized and unorganizedwomen in the city, to carry primary problems about thewomen to the common agenda of the city, to discuss andresolve the problems and strengthen the role of women inpublic life,

Youth Council: to allow youth to have their own voices in theway to a quality and livable city, to encourage exchange ofinformation and experience among the youth and create andimplement projects based on improvement of life quality,

Children’s Council: 2to allow children to generate ideasunder democratic platforms with tolerance, respect and amicabilityand create their own activity schedule to strengthentheir role in the social life in the way to 21st century,Platform for the Disabled People: to allow disabled peopleto improve their learning and teaching capabilities andbecome more involved with the life of the community.

CITY VOLUNTEERS HOUSESThese are centers established in order to allow localizationof services, discussion of district problems among those wholive in that district and generate solutions to these problemsin the smallest units of a city, district.

PROJECTSProjects are prepared to improve environmental quality,prevent poverty, contribute to the integration of disabled peoplewith the community, protection of community healthand the like, and they are implemented with the support ofother related partners. Project for Social Solidarity and Preventionof Poverty in Bursa Within the scope of ImprovingCommunal Statuses of Women; Handicraft Improvement forthe HousewivesImproving the educational level of the Women”White Lily” Project in the Food OperationsApplied Environmental Education ProjectDirection of Children under Risk to Professional trainingand their Rehabilitation. Health Education Project (Withinthe Scope of Healthy Cities) Strengthening the CommunalRole of the Women via Education and Training Improvingthe Communal Knowledge about Chestnut production andMaking Wild Chestnut Grooves more Economic. Project forNurse Maid Training for those Women who need it ProvidingProfessional Training to Disabled People about SouvenirManufacturing specific to Bursa and Improving Tourism.Improving the Environmental Understanding of Childrenand Promote their active Participation in City Administration.Improving means of Communication for those with HearingImpairment to Public Institutions. Collection of WasteBatteries and Reducing their Impact on pollution.