Bursa has been a victim of fires frequently due toits southwest wind and wooden houses. In a fire occurredon 2 February, 1489, 25 neighborhoods werecompletely burned down. In the fire of 7 August,1491, many monumental buildings in Bursa wereburned. Half of the city was nearly disappeared afterthe fire following the earthquake occured in1520. In 1590, Bursa suffered a fire of similar magnitudeand in 1728 the city witnessed the fire of KayanPazar› (market). In the fire occurred in 1756;places such as Sipahi Pazar›, Geyve Han›, Ç›ra pa-FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 30The fiahadetMosquedevastated inearthquakeof 1855BURSAHAS WITNESSED MANYCATASTROPHESzar›, and Saraçhane were devastated heavily. Between1761-1804 Bursa suffered 7 significant firesand in the fire of 1801, 2/3 of Bursa was burneddown.Fire of year 1801 was the most terrible fire in entirehistory of Bursa. The most black day of Bursahistory was doubtlessly the earthquake of 7.5 magnitudeon 9 January, 1855 and the following fires.At this date, most of the residential buildings weredevastated.The last significant fire of Bursa was the Kapal›çarfl›fire of year 1958. Entire Kapal›çarfl› was burneddown in this fire,Ulucami and khans had been underthe effect of this fire.