While Bursa was facing a new construction wave,at the same time it suffered many catastrophes suchas fire and earthquakes as well. These catastrophesmostly damaged the historical buildings of Bursa.The first significant catastrophe of Bursa was witnessedin 1402 during its invasion by Timur. In1414, the catastrophe of Karamano¤lu Mehmet Beywas suffered. Mehmet Bey besieged the city fordays and had set on fire the Orhan Mosque and itssurroundings. Important destructions were witnessedalso in 1481 during sovereignty of Cem Sultanin BursaOne of the foremost catastrophes which had affectedBursa was experienced in 1607 during the terrorizingCelali rebellions. Upon rejection of his demandto be promoted as a governor (beylerbeyi), heattacked Bursa. Citizens of Bursa has manifested agreat effort to defend Bursa. The heroic defense ofthe city by its citizens, compelled Kalendero¤lu toabandon the siege and after he sacked the exteriordistricts of the city, retreated back.