A Dervish-Like Sultan,Murat II (1421-1451)

He is the son of Çelebi Mehmet andEmine Hatun. He was appointed tobe Amasya Governor in 1415. Hecrushed and overwhelmed the revoltsof Germiyano¤ullar›, Ramazano¤ullar›, and Mentefleo¤ullar›of Anatolian principalities andBörklüce Mustafa rebellion.He took the castle of Selanik (Thessaloniki)from Venezians. He expandedthe borders of the country by his victories inVarna (1444) and second Kosova war (1448).At the presence of senior administrators of state, hedeclared that he renounce himself from sovereignty.For a period of time he secluded himself in Karacabey.Then, upon insistance of Çandarl› Halil he wasobliged to ascend to the throne once again. He was 47year old when died on February, 1451, and buried tohis tomb in Muradiye. According to his testament, theroof of his tomb is open and there is soil on his sarcophagus.The social and cultural facilities (külliye) constructedupon his order in Muradiye includes: mosque, Turkishbath, medrese (school) and a hostel. All of thesefacilities are still intact today. Sultan Murat was anemotional man of artistic talent and he was at the sametime a poet, musician, and calligrapher.