A Sultan Like A Thunder, I. Bayezid (1360-1403)

Yıldırım Bayezıd, son of Murat I and Gülçiçek Hatun,has ascended the throne in1389. Many principalitieswere joined Ottomans duringhis term. He foughtwith crusaders in 1396in the Ni¤bolu war andwon. The AnatolianPrincipalities took thesupport of Timur and revoltedagainst Y›ld›r›m.He fought with Timur whowas provoking the AnatolianPrincipalities, on 28 july, 1402and lost the battle. He was held as captive and someclaim that he committed suicide (1403) by poisoninghimself.Bayez›d, taking the title of “Y›ld›r›m”, has constructedmany buildings in Bursa and helped it to becomethe most magnificent city of its period. He constructedUlucami and a külliye in Y›ld›r›m district whichincludes; a mosque, a hospital, a medrese (school)and a turkish bath. However, his most significantcontribution to the monuments of Bursa was the firstFROM PRUSA TO BURSA 22hospital of Ottomans named, “Darüflflifa”. The bedestenwhich constitutes the base of today’s BursaMarket, was constructed during his term as well. Histomb is in külliye of Yıldırım.