An Empire Is Rising Out of Bursa Orhan Gazi Period (1324-1360)

Orhan Bey, son of the founder of Ottoman state andthe second sultan of the Ottomans, was appointedas a deputy to his father. He conqueredMudanya in 1321, and Bursa on6 april, 1326 and ascended to the thronein 1324. He won a victory againstthe Byzantium armies at Pelekanonnear ‹stanbul. Orhan Gazi conquered‹znik in 1331 and carried the capital ofthe Ottomans for 5 years to ‹znik.In 1353, Orhan Gazi took advantage ofthe internal confusion of Byzantine and conqueredcastle of Cimpe in Gelibolu. He proceededto Gelibolu and conquered all the shores of MarmaraSea and Tekirda¤. He arranged the first legal procedureswhich founded the basis of the Ottomanstate. He revised the army. Inflicted tax laws.Struck coins in his name for the first time. He acceptedthe daughter of Byzantine governor NilüferHatun and Asporta and Byzantine empress Theodoraas wives. Orhan Gazi started a rapid constructionproject and constructed many monuments such asmosques, bridges, turkish baths, fountains, mint,medrese (school) which form the core of the city.Orhan Gazi died in 1360. He was buried next to hisfather in Tophane as well.9