Bursa in Mythology

According to myths, Bursa had been founded at Tahtal› Village at first. There was a sickly, poor daughter of a powerful Sultan. Her visage was horrendous because of leper. There was no one courting her because she wasn’t pleasant to look at. Thus, her father let her to travel the world in the disguise of a beggar and look for her own fortune. The girl had traveled through the world begging and at last came to Bursa where warm waters flowed. When she bathed in these waters, her disease completely healed. Leper Princess became the most beautiful of maidens. And in turn she decided to stay in that land that had given her health back. According to the same myth, Castle of Bursa had been built by her. In accordance with another myth, old Bursa had been built by a shepherd from Bergama. This shepherd had been exiled to an unknown land one day for some of his herd had ventured into the king’s garden. When the poor shepherd had begun to accept his fate and live in the dark woods of the strange country, he had realized how beautiful those lands were and had been happy to be exiled. There were fertile woods and grass of the greenest all around. Shepherd had begun to lead a much more comfortable life here in his exile, in this land of plenty. The village this sheepherder founded had become a large city. That city founded by the sheepherder is at Tahtal› Village just west of Bursa. Indeed, it is believed that Bursa has been founded on that spot just like the myths say. Because there are still remains of ancient times at Tahtal› village with its residences and large city walls.