Bursa and its surroundings, one of the many heavenly places of Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations, have witnessed many settlements since the old ages. The civilizations created by these settlements were dated back to 7 thousand years before according to the excavations of Il›p›nar tumulus. A settlement dating back to BC 5200 was found during the studies performed here. “Demirtafl tumulus”, with 90 m circumference and 5 km height, is situated to the 2.5 km South of Demirtafl district. Ceramic pieces such as bowls, amphoras and pitchers found here were mostly handmade and rarely wheel-made. These are belonging to early bronze age and date back to B.C. 2500. The dimensions of Çak›rköy tumulus located 14 km. from the city and 1 km to the southeast of “Çayı rköy tumulus”, is the same as Demirtafl tumulus. The ceramic pieces here are mostly grey, red, brown, and black coloured. Many of the ceramic pieces found were made by hand and very few of them are made by wheel. The oldest remnant of the tumulus belongs to BC 2700. The first name of the city founded by Bithynians and people of Prusias was “Prusa” in the 3rd century BC. In written sources Bursa and its surroundings were named as “Bithynia” and the oldest settlement areas were around ‹znik lake. There are 7 important tumuluses, determined to be founded in stone ages, just around the lake of ‹znik. Il›p›nar tumulus located near Orhangazi, Hac›lartepe tumulus situated 750 m North of this, Tepecik tumulus loca- 1 7 FROM PRUSA TO BURSA An engraving depicting the early period settlement in Bursa (Jean de Thevenot, 1600s) BURSA THE CROSSROAD OF CIVILIZATIONS ted at the sub-Yeniköy area of Orhangazi-‹znik road, and Körüstan, Üyücek Tepe, Höyücek, and Karadin tumuluses are located to the east of ‹znik lake. Do¤utepe, Akhisar tumuluses; 3 km North to the Cumatepe tumulus in ‹negöl city centre, and the Yeniflehir Babasultan tumulus indicate settlements dating back to prehistoric ages. The remains of Demirtafl village tumulus and the remains of M. Kemalpafla at Dorak village and Tahtal› village indicate that Bursa was an important region of civilization area at least with a history of 5000 years.