Çelebi Mehmet, the SultanWho Founded the Ottoman StateOnce Again (1413-1421)

Çelebi Mehmet, son of Sultan Bayezid I and DevletHatun, is the fifth of Ottoman Sultans and the secondfounder of Ottoman State. Hestruggled against his brothers;Isa and Musa to unite thewhole Ottoman lands,which was disintegratedafter the Ankara war(1402), under one uniquerule. Thus, he savedthe Ottoman state from ahuge confusion and maintainedthe unity of the state.First of all, he endevouredto regain the lost lands.He crushed the Sheikh Bedreddin revolt and died on26 May, 1421 in Bursa. He was buried to the magnificentYeflil Tomb situated in the district “Yeflil”. ÇelebiMehmet had constructed a “Külliye” (culturaland social facilities) here including a medrese (school),mosque, and a hostel before his death. He was alsoa poet and constructed a mosque and a “bedesten”(a covered marketplace) in Edirne and a tomb for hisson Kas›m in Amasya as well.