First Martyr Sultan,Murat Hüdavendigar (1360-1389)

He was the son of Orhan bey and took lessons onwar and governing from Lala fiahin Pasha. He wasappointed to be the governor of Bursa in 1340 andpromoted to be the commander of Rumeli armyupon death of his brother Süleyman in 1359. He ascendedthe throne in 1360. He conquered Edirne in1362 and carried the statecentre to this city. He becamefamous after hisvictory against crusadersarmy in Balkans in1364 at S›rps›nd›¤›war. Ottoman raidersreached the Adriatic sea.He was killed after thefirst Kosova war in 1389.Thus, he was given the titleof “Gazi” (martyr) Hüdavendigar.His tomb is located in the tomb named afterhim.In his period the “T›mar” organization was developed.He recruited a new gallantry force of paid soldiersbesides the “yaya”, “müsellem” and janissaries.There is an interesting mosque and turkish bath,and a tomb in his “külliye” in Çekirge district. Furthermore,the flahadet cami within the Rumeli Fortress(Rumeli Hisar›) and the palace which is todaylocated in the place where a garisson is present, wereconstructed by Sultan Murat I as well.