From Principality to State (Osman Gazi Period 1299-1324)

Osman Bey, The founderand first sultan of OttomanState was son ofErtu¤rul Gazi. TheChristian neighborsof Ottomans presenteda great advantagefor them and enabledOttomans to enlargentheir land into an empirein a very short time.Osman Bey received many support from Dervishesduring his founding of Ottoman state and bestowedmany lands from and around Bursa to them. Hemarried with daughter of the most powerful dervishsheikkh Edebali. He was enrichened with the warshe made in Byzantine lands and took Karacahisar,Yarhisar, and ‹negöl. He made Yeniflehir the centeof the state in 1302. He besieged ‹znik and Bursabut died without achieving these targets. Accordingto his testament he was buried to Gümüfllü Kubbe(Saint Elia Monastery) in Tophane. After his death,it is understood that he had very few personal property.