Hard Times: Bursa, DuringOccupation-TowardsIndependence

At the end of the first world war, Turkey was occupiedby entente powers. Greeks have first occupiedIzmir and its surroundings in 1920 and then invadedMustafakemalpafla and Karacabey on june 6, 1920.English troops occupied Gemlik on July 6.The greatest suffering in Bursa after Ottomanperiod was experienced with the Greek occupation.A black veil was covered on theGrand National Assembly’s pulpit to staythere until the occupation ended.During these hard times, since onethird of the people living in Bursawere non-muslims, somecitizens of Bursa wereset to mountainswith theirweapons.The othersremaining in the city had performed assistancein intelligence for the Nationalist Forces (Kuva-iMilliye). The Greek offense against the tomb ofOsman Gazi made citizens of Bursa more hatefultowards the occupants. Bursa was saved from theenemy forces on September 11, 1922 after two year,2 month, and 2 days of occupation. Armed guerillashave contributed much in defeating of theenemy as well as the Turkish army.