Have Warriors in Women’sAttire Taken Bursa?

People of Bursa who immensely enjoy tales of heroism,maybe because they couldn’t accept the ideaof Bursa taken by brute force, have producedmany tales and myths concerning the conquest ofBursa. Chalcondyles and most of Christian historiansthat followed him record that Osman Gazi hadconquered Bursa and he was buried there.There is an interesting story about the conquest ofBursa: “During the siege of Bursa, a fraud had beencommitted. Accordingly, it had been said thatSultan had died and that his will was to be buried inManast›r and permit acquired to let Sultan’s bodyinto Manast›r. 40 people were to carry the deceased.Monks had been tricked into letting a coffinfull of weapons into the castle. Osman Gazi hadbeen among them in disguise. These had openedthe doors at once and let enough soldiers to takeover the castle into.”2 1 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAIn accordance with another myth, even thoughChristian lord of Bursa had been afraid and wouldn’tlet those forty people inside if they were notwomen and unarmed, soldiers disguised as womenhad opened the doors and let the soldiers in.