Moral Capital, Bursa

After Fatih (1451-1481) conquered ‹stanbul, theimportance of Bursa fell to second place. Thus,Bursa stayed always the second and moral capital.For instance, when Fatih died and Bayezid II(1481-1512) came to throne, his brother Cem hadcome to Bursa and declared his sovereignty. Ill-fatedprince Cem, ruled for 18 days in Bursa, struckcoins in his name. Afterwards this situation causedcitizens of Bursa to be punished by the Sultan.When II. Bayezid entered the city with his army,the janissaries wanted to sack the city and it is preventedvery difficultlyWhen Yavuz Sultan Selim came to throne, his brotherKorkut wanted to declare his sovereignty similarly.But citizens of Bursa impeded Prince Korkutto take the arms from saray-› amire. AfterwardsPrince Ahmet wanted to take Bursa and rule overthe country but couldn’t succeeded as well.