The Approach of Turks Towards Bursa Region

Muslims were first closed in on Bursa during theperiod of Abbasi family. “Hamedanl›lar” of Aleppo,seized Bursa and ruled there for 23 years in 955.As far as we know, Turks first came to Bursa regionafter 1081. ‹znik was the capital of AnatolianSeljuklu State between 1081-1097. In 1097, the regionwitnessed The Crusader. Iznik was seized bythe crusaders. Turks first seized Bursa in a campaignarranged during the period of Alexios Kommenos(1097). During these wars, a Latin governmentwas founded in ‹stanbul and thus, Iznik became thecapital of Byzantine Empire. ‹znik Byzantine Empire,founded by Theodor Laskaris, continued toexist until 1261.Whilst Latins occupied ‹stanbul, Byzantine princescooperated with Muslims in order to save themselvesfrom this new enemy and seized Bursa. Bursastayed in control of Byzantine princes but then becauseof the reluctance towards resistance againstMuslims, it was subjected to the wrath of emperorAndronikos II. Until winning a victory against Latinsand making them recognize the empire, AndronikosII held Bursa in his control by applying violence.