The Conquest of Bursa

Since Osman Bey had won a victory against theunited army of Byzantine governors near Dimboz/Erdo¤an village in 1308, he was already veryclose to Bursa. After this date, he constructed twotowers; one commanded by Ak Timur located infront of Kükürtlü Hamam›, the other commandedby Balaban Bey located in place of former MollaarapSchool in order to besiege and watch Bursa.When Orhaneli Castle was taken in order to securethe back of Bursa, the governor was desperate. Hehanded over the city to Orhan Bey on 6 April, 1326.Thus, Bursa was not conquered by sword but washanded over through a peaceful method which wascalled “vire”.Since in those days there were no artillery or rifle,the most important strategic step was to watch thecastles from towers and inhibit the entries and exits.Thus it was possible to starve the people in castlesand to seize the castle without bloodshed. In conquestof Bursa this strategy has been applied and thestarving people of the castle were revolted againstthe Byzantine governor and consequently the castlewas handed over to Ottomans without bloodshed.