The Problems ThatModern Bursa Faces

The people of Bursa suffered a lot during the yearsof occupation. Especially in the villages, many peoplewere killed and many houses were burntdown. Many districts were destoyed and burntdown during the occupation years in centralBursa as well. After the post-occupationalperiod, the non-muslim people of Bursa,consisting one third of the population,had left the city and a new depressionemerged. The immigrants replacing thegreeks “compulsory populationexchange” were obliged tostart everything from thebeginning. As amatter of fact,B u r s ah a dbeen rushed into by immigrants since 1880’s. The problemsof Bursa worsened the social and economicalissues by the coming of the immigrants from Balkansand Greece in the first years of the republic.Because the non-muslims which left Bursa weretradesman and artisans, however all of the incomingimmigrants were mere paysants. Differentand serious problems occurred in Bursa of republicanera because of the cultural and traditional differencesof incoming immigrants, even many of wasnot knowing to speak Turkish. However, republicanadministration handled the issues appropriately.The young republic created a modern city from theashes of a burnt down city. Silk factories were foundedonce again, a reconstruction started comprisingthe city centre and the surrounding districtsand villages. Bursa, a protector of republican revolutions,manifested a great advance in a very littletime and became the fourth biggest city of the country.