“Green Bursa” Once Again

Within the environmental projects described as aninvestment for the future of the city, Hamitler SewageTreatment Plants and Eastern and WesternSewage Treatment Plants have been completed andput to service. Carrying on uninterruptedly itsworks on lines of drinking water, rain water and seweragesystem and works on natural gas with a viewto creating a healthier and livable city, the MetropolitanMunicipality has rearranged the city entrancesof Bursa in particular, in a manner that befitsthe city.With the works carried out within the frameworkthe Kültürpark Project on ‘Making Healthier’, theMetropolitan Municipality has decreased the volu-1 7 7 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAme of constructions within Kültürpark that is theoxygen depot of Bursa and increased the number ofgreen areas, beginning, in the meantime, to reorganizethe complicated roads. While an axle has beenformed for racing, cycling and walking paths atKültürpark, standards shall be sought with the managementswithin the park. In addition, the lakewithin the park shall be reorganized.