An Efficient Transportationin Bursa

The inhabitants of Bursa that have increasingly feltthe difficulties in the intra-city traffic owing to thelarge number of vehicles in the city’s traffic and theinsufficiency of alternative routes are now beginningto take a deep sigh particularly after the transportationworks launched with the aim of uninterruptedflow of traffic especially on the main arteries.Bridged junctions of Yüksek ‹htisas, Orhaneli, Merinos,Esentepe and Polis Okulu (Police TrainingSchool) have been constructed in turn and the trafficchaos in these areas have now been resolved.Junction constructions realized in the last 2.5 yearshave the characteristic of being the transportationinvestments completed in the shortest period of timein the history of Bursa’s local authorities.Foundation of Acemler Junction, one of the mostimportant points of the flow of intra-city traffic ofBursa, was laid 12 years ago but could not becompleted for years. This Junction too has beencompleted and opened to traffic.The first part of Filament Bridged Junction constructedwith a view to turning to the Organized IndustrialZone without signalization has been openedto traffic, while the uncompleted turning directionsof Beflevler Bridged Junction the constructionof which was left half-finished because of expropriationproblems have also been completed and putto service.While the Metropolitan Municipality has decreasedthe traffic jam in the main arteries with the constructionof junctions on one hand, it keeps introducingthe alternative transportation solutions, on theother.And for the generalization of mass transportation,which is one of the most important criteria for contemporarytransportation services, BursaRay communicationsnetwork is being expanded. The Constructionon five-kilometer Phase B that would linkBursaRay with Y›ld›r›m is continuing rapidly. Inaddition, the construction on Phase C, that is composedof a 6-kilometer route and that will extendthe subway up to the Campus of Uluda¤ Universitywill have been started in the year 2007.Moreover, the road constructions launched with aview to producing alternative roads for the main arteriesof the city continue with full speed. Besidesthe work involving the construction of a road thatwill extend the Eastern Near Ring Road up to OtosansitJunction, the works aiming at extending ofE¤itim Avenue constructed parallel to the AnkaraRoad, up to Erikli continue. Mimar Sinan Bridgethat has been constructed within this frameworkand that adjoins 6 quarters in the region with eachother has also been opened to traffic. In addition,Çal› Road has been rearranged and given an outlookthat befits Bursa, while the construction worksat Ata Boulevard are ongoing.Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa has also breathednew life into mass transportation. Having theaverage age of 17 and possessing the title of the citythat has the oldest fleet among the major cities inTurkey, Bursa has now acquired the title of the MajorCity possessing the youngest fleet thanks to therecent procurement of 70 latest-manufacture, modernbuses.