Bursa: A City of History,Culture and Art


Also attending to the historical heritage in Bursa,the Metropolitan Municipality has begun to put toservice a great many of cultural-heritage projects,mainly the Balibey Inn. Necessary works have begunfor the unearthing of the Inns Area and for theArrangement of Emirsultan Mosque and the Square.Metropolitan Municipality that has got remarkableachievements in organizations that contribute significantlyto the cultural and artistic life of the city,ranging from international festivals that always gatherrecord numbers of audience to film days thatdraw plenty of attention and scientific symposia invarious fields has introduced to the people of Bursa,the finest examples of social municipal servicerenderingas well. Activities like International BursaFestival, International Golden Karagöz FolkDancing Contest, Bursa Literature Days, BursaPhotography Days and the First International BursaSilk Road Film Festival has occupied a space notonly on Bursa’s but also on Turkey’s cultural and artisticagenda.While 1750 university students have been grantedscholarships, aids of stationery and food suppliesand mobile health service vehicle services, as wellas important social projects such as courses of vocationsand art (BUSMEK) to more than six thousandinhabitants of Bursa have been among the firstever services rendered by Metropolitan Municipalityheaded by Mayor Hikmet fiahin in Bursa.Besides the projects appealing to youth in the fieldsof sports, visible importance given to Bursaspor,the favorite First League team of the city, and amateurishsport clubs are also appreciated by the publicopinion in Bursa.