The first consule of Christianity was convenedbetween May 20 -July 25 325 in Bursa. The fundamentalrules of the Christianity was determined inthis consule.‹znik became the first capital of AnatolianSeldjuklu State in 1081.‹znik became the capital of Byzantine in 1204.Ottoman State was founded in 1299 on Bursa.The first capitals of the Bursa were within boundariesof Bursa: Karacahisar 1299, Yeniflehir 1302,Bursa 1326, ‹znik 1331.The first monuments of the Ottomans, Balabanbeyand Aktimur castles, were built by Osman Bey afterthe siege of Bursa.The first mesjhid built by Turks was built by AhiHasan (‹l-erio¤lu Ahmet Bey Mesjhid).The first money of Ottoman State was issued byOrhan Bey in Bursa in 1327.The first madrasah of Ottoman State was foundedby Orhan Gazi in ‹znik in 1335.The first sports comples was opened in Bursa,At›c›lar.The first bridge of Ottomans was built by wife ofOrhan Bey, Nilüfer Hatun, in Bursa.The first Bedesten (grand covered bazaar) ofOttomans was built by Orhan Bey in Bursa.The palace, recognized as the first official buildingof Ottomans, was built by Orhan Bey at Tophane.The first tiles of our country were started to be producedin ‹znik, Bursa.The first hospital of Ottomans, Darüflflifa, was builtby Y›ld›r›m Bayez›d in 1399, in Bursa.The unique “fiad›rvanl› Minare” (minaret withfountain) was built by Kara Timurtafl Pasha (died in1403) or his son Ali Bey in Bursa.The first and only bridge with a bazaar, Irganl›Bridge, was built by Pir Ali, father of Hac›Muslihiddin in 1442.The first and only wool, cotton, and silk weaving inTurkey, started in Bursa in 1437. The first weavingatelier of our country was founded in harem ofÜçkuzular Tekke.It is advocated that the first paper factory of ourcountry was built on the river Cilimboz of Bursa.The first mesjhid (small mosque) on a fountain wasbuilt by Bayez›d II. ‹n 1490.The first Municipal Legislation and the first standardswere come to force by issuing of “Bursa ‹htisabKanunnamesi” in 1502.The first silk factory of our country and Bursa wasfounded by French Glaizal family in Bursa in 1833.A mine of chrome was explored in Bursa in 1848.The first mineral water of our country, ÇitliMineral Water, was started to be managed byEuropean tradesmen in 1855.On August 18, 1893, the first and only sericultureschool (Harir Darü’t-Talimi) of our country wasopened in Bursa.The first museum house of Anatolia was openedBursa in 1902.The first ever womens strike of Turkish history wasstarted in Bursa.The first and only martyr widow’s shelter wasopened in Bursa.In 1934, the first milk powder factory “Savas” andice company were founded by fiakir, Abdurrahimand Faik beys.The first nature and skiing society mountaineeringClub was founded in Bursa in 1932.The first artificial silk factory of our country wasopened in Gemlik on February 1, 1938.On February 2, 1938 The first place producing kangarntype wool, Merinos factory, was opened inBursa.The first and only Forestry Museum of Turkey wasopened in Bursa.In 1954, the first washing machine of Turkey wasbuilt in Tolon, Bursa.Zehra Budunç became the first female deputymayor of Turkey in 1930.The first cable car of Turkey was opened to servicein Bursa between Bursa-Uluda¤ on October 29,1963The first Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey wasopened in Bursa on November 6, 1966.The first automobile company of Turkey, Tofafl,started production on February 12, 1971.In 1974, the first environmental park and bird heavenwas built at the Apolyont lake coast by MustafaBilgiç.On April 3, 1993 the first private port of Turkey,Gemport, was opened by Prime Minister SüleymanDemirel.In 2002, the first automobile museum was openedby Tofafl in Umurbey neighborhood.On July 5, 2000 Bursa was the first city of Turkeyto join European Healthy Cities Network and presentedTurkey new urbanisation plans.The first city museum was opened in Bursa onFebruary 14, 2004.On September, 2004, the first Museum of OttomanClothings and Jewelery was opened (by EsatUluumay).