City Square Will Decorate BursaLike an Interlace

With the rearrangement of Old Santral Garaj, thatserved the city as the inter-city bus terminal for years,the city square will ornament the green Bursalike an interlace. Santral Garaj that virtually lookedlike debris in the middle of the city will be turnedinto an exemplary shopping-entertainment centerand city square.In the part of that area at Santral Garaj that will bebuilt below the ground, cultural and social facilitiessuch as cafes, restaurants, entertainment units, cinemasand theatres, as well as a marketplace, workplacesand administrative buildings will be located.The upper part will be an open public square supportedby landscape arrangements where air-borneactivities will be held, social and cultural activitieswill be organized, events such as meetings, ceremonies,concerts and various activities of art will beorganized. At the square where life will go on, on around-the-clock basis, there will also be symbolicalfeatures that will set up a reference to the identity ofBursa.