Public Housing Projects forPlanned Construction

We have launched works too for the construction ofpublic housing units in a bid to resolve the shortageof housing in Bursa. To this end, the project ofpublic housing within Dereçavufl-Geçit quarters locatedin Osmangazi District has been launched as afirst step. This will be a living quarter that will bein line with the architectural and urban plan featuresand that will meet all the needs of the peoplewho will live here. The construction of 2304 houseson a total area of 424,300 square meters will becarried out as two phases.Besides the five thousand sq. meter-commercialspace, three thousand sq. meters, seven thousandsq. meters, 23 thousand sq. meters and 9 thousandsq. meters will be allocated by the MetropolitanMunicipality for health services, social activities,primary education and lycée in the public housingarea, respectively. Moreover, we plan to allocate 32thousand sq. meters for green areas, three thousandsq. meters as the space for Municipal services andtwo thousand sq. meters for a crèche under the publichousing project, while an area of 38 thousand sq.meters will be reserved for tree-planting.