Social Projects to Communewith People

Social projects conducted especially with the cooperationof Metropolitan Municipality and civilcommunity organizations in Bursa include worksthat set an example in the view of encouraging citydwellers to support each other and assist those whoare in need.With the projects along with medicine collectioncampaign, provision ofscholarship to 1500 university student in need, foodand provisions support to poor families underLocal Agenda 21 Organization, reduction of waterand bread prices, offer of Ramadan evening mealsto 4000 people and Ramadan Festival activities atfive different spot of the city; provision of both holidayand education to 1600 students free of chargeat Youth Camp, establishment of “Small GardenFacilities” for pensioner, provision of applied environmentaleducation at schools, free medical examinations,free health inspections with mobile healthcare units, old age asylum with 330 beds, sanctuaryfor homeless and orphans, soup kitchens exhibitthe best examples of social solidarity.