A Dance Without a Music Kılıç-Kalkan (Sword & Shield)Generally

There are 3 groups of Bursa folkloredances; sword&shield war dance, Uluda¤ Turkomandances, and Thracian folklore. Uluda¤ Turkomandances are played with two or more people byforming a circle, it is a group dance. In regionaldances, mostly people have spoons or bells in theirhands for rhythm purposes. Turkoman dances varyas; “Güvende”, “Sekme”, Düz oyun”, “Büyükoyun”, and “Algeria”. Most of these dances are playedwith regional music (türkü).Sword&Shield is one of the folk dances played withoutmusic. It is found that this dance was beingplayed in Anatolia before Turks as well. The soundscreated by the dancers’ clapping of their ownfoot and hand, acts as a rhythm. Sword&shield dances,symbolizing the wars of old times, consists of6 figures and each of them has a meaning. The danceis played by 6-8 or more people. Manysword&shield dance groups active in Bursa, havebeen awarded many prizes by related domestic orforeign organizations because of the originality ofthe dance.