A Realm of Tiles andCeramics, İznik

In the excavations realized in ‹znik and its surroundings,ceramic pieces were unearthed belonging toprehistoric ages. The tile masters of ‹znik had organizedin the guilds under the protection of Palaceand adorned the large buildings with tiles. Beginningfrom the 17th century, as a result of the weakeningof Ottomans in terms of military and economy,these tile ovens were began to be closed. Thetraditional tile ateliers in ‹znik had started to be reopenedin 1985 by Faik K›r›ml› and continued withmaster Eflref Ero¤lu. Besides masters like RasihKocaman and Adil can Güven, ‹znik Tile and ResearchCenter had been founded in 1995 under theframeworks of ‹znik Foundation of Education andInstruction. Furthermore, in the Occupational HighSchool belonging to Uluda¤ University, lessonsabout tiles and ceramics are being given. Today, thetile artists of ‹znik have founded tile ateliers in theSüleyman Pasha Medrese.